Thursday, November 5, 2009

50 Days Before Christmas

I can't believe it! We only have 50 days left before Christmas!

I can now see neighbors putting up their Christmas lights. Soon, they will have their trees up, too. Christmas carols are now playing on groceries and malls. Their Halloween displays are gone, Christmas decors were put in place.

But, no. I won't put up my decors yet... not until the start of the Advent season of the Catholic church. It usually falls on the last Sunday of November or the first Sunday of December.

Now, this reminds me... I have to free a day on my calendar to shop for the decors I would like to put on our little Christmas tree. Last year, we hung mini-stuffed toys... stuffed bears to be specific and each bear is holding a letter of the alphabet. I opted for these decors to introduce my toddlers to the alphabet. For this year, I want mini-Christmas lanterns... those really small lanterns made of bamboo and wrapped in either cellophane or Japanese paper.

What is your theme or motif for your Christmas decorations this year? Or are you simply frugal and recycle the same old decors each year? I will be glad if you share your Christmas decoration ideas on the comment field below.

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