Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Child's Dream

I owe my children this article. October has been a very busy month with all the deadlines and Halloween preparations and activities so I was unable to post these articles. My children also held their Foundation Day program a week before the Halloween so I was really very busy preparing their costumes for both the program and Halloween.

The Foundation Day program focused on the students' dreams and ambitions... on what they want to be when they grow up. A good mind-setting for the children so that they will have their goals as they mature. It was supposed to be held last Sept26 but was postponed due to the typhoons that hit Manila.

Wearing their costumes and fully geared, they walked their way to the stage and recited their speeches in front of the audience. Joma, my eldest child, wore a black shirt and camouflage pants. He expressed his dream of being a policeman, the same profession he declared during the same program two years ago. On the other hand, E-mann, my second son, said he wanted to be a soldier.

I felt pride for my kids. They were not frightened to stand on stage and speak in front of an audience, unlike some of their classmates. The weeks and months of practicing them for their speech paid off.

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Madz said...

Your sons look adorable in their costumes and it's nice to know that they don't have stage fright, that's a good sign of confidence in their early ages. :)

Followed your blog just now. :)

Pinay Mompreneur said...

We believe they should develop the confidence while still young. We should also help them gain the confidence by being honest and giving them the freedom to speak even at home. Thanks! :)

Christina said...

You are blessed with two amazing boys!


Pinay Mompreneur said...


Thanks! :) Although that should be 3 boys (including Daddy!) ;)