Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Daddy's "ME" Time

The Perpetual Help College of Rizal High School held its Grand Alumni Homecoming last Sunday afternoon, April 11. Along with other classmates with whom my husband had a reconnection with through Facebook, they gathered themselves and had as much fun that afternoon.

And as expected, the get-together was extended until late evening at Roosters and Crabs in BF Resort Village, where they had a few bottles of drink after the program at their school auditorium.

Their batch held a meeting con batch reunion a couple of days before the homecoming. It was held in one of their classmate's house where they paid for their tickets and distributed their batch shirt. I love their shirt! The color is so striking and it was through their logo that I learned that 1988 is the Year of the Blue Dragon.

Although he has been out of job for several months now, I believe he deserves to join his classmates, reunite with old friends and reminisce their high school days on this momentous event. After all, he did a good job in looking after the kids and preparing delicious dishes for us everyday. He actually aced it! I must admit that he cooks better than me. The kids eat more when he is the one in charge of the kitchen.

Besides, me and my classmates also had our own reunion last year aside from the Grand Alumni Homecoming our Alma Mater had last December. He was very supportive he allowed me to attend those events. He even drove me all the way to Quezon City for the reunion! But as much as I wanted to, he did not allow me to join them on their homecoming even if I tell him that I was also a member of Batch 88. Now that reveals my age! The event was exclusive for alumni only. Well, I already expected it. Spouses and kids were not invited to our alumni homecoming as well.

I will always be proud to tell the whole world that I have a very supportive husband and a loving father to my kids. As I always tell you, I believe you are God's perfect gift to me. I love you Bhe!

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Mrs. Kolca said...

buti pa sila may grand alumni.. wish ko lang ma-meet ko ule ang batchmates ko..

hi sis! im from gt.. just blog-hopping here :D

alvin said...

Hi! We were wondering why a batchmate have ordered two shirts with different sizes..one quipped, "baka para kay misis?" I love your story and i sure would like you to be there when we have a gathering that'll include the spouses and the kids. Everyone from the group were raving from last weekends alumni homecoming. "It's a good way to break our everyday routine." one batchmate said pertaining and looking forward for more meetings and big celebrations in the future. You and your group should do the same. Very nice...what you have here... My best regards... Alvin H.

Pinay Mompreneur said...

Hi sis pink, thanks for dropping by!

Alvin, I would really love to meet you and the rest of the class. Although our batch also meet from time to time, it is now difficult for me because of work schedule and location. Most of them are still in QC while I am down here in the south.

Badet said...

My husband is PCHR alumini too, aaahm, pero UPHR na yata nung time na gumraduate sila ng high school. =)

May said...

wow, nice one sis!

Dea said...

Hi Cherleen! I got your link from GT. :D

Nakakatuwa naman, 5 people in our family are Perpetualites (alumni/student/faculty).

The power of Facebook talaga, no? Keeps you connected with old friends.