Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Palarong Pablik 2010

The Novaliches High School Alumni Sportsfest opened its 3rd Season last April 11 at Dona Isaura  Subdivision Covered Court. Hosted by Batch 85, the participating teams paraded around with their pretty muses.

For those who are asking what "Palarong Pablik" is, it is the annual sports celebration of Novaliches High School alumni. It started two years ago when a few alumni decided to spend a weekend of fun-filled sports activities. After a year, members of the NHS Online Community,the online meeting place for all alumni, faculty, students and community members, convened and formed teams according to their batch year. The goal of this sportsfest is to develop the camaraderie and friendship among all alumni members of Novaliches High School. But why "Pablik"? In Novaliches, NHS is more popularly known as Pablik because it was the first public high school in town and the only public high school in Novaliches for several years.

Honestly, I only knew about the opening of the Palarong Pablik 2010 when they posted the pictures on our Facebook group. I remember about a month or two ago when they sent us email asking for some donations for their uniforms and registration. Although a classmate said they did post the schedule, I think I missed that post. I even had the nerve to complain why they did not post the schedule! Only to realize later on that had I known about it, I wouldn't be able watch the game anyway! It was the same day when my husband attended PHCR Grand Alumni Homecoming, his high school alma mater. Hence, I was the "nanny of the day". Sorry about that, guys! Nevertheless, you know you have my support and I promise to watch a game or two as long as you post the schedule of games.

Last year, our team Batch 88 won third place. Of course, like the other teams, we aim to win the most coveted championship this year. We realized our shortcomings last year and I know the team has been practicing since. Our players are totally prepared for this season. Besides, we have more cheerers and supporters this year, making us more confident that we will bag the crown.

Go! Go! Go Batch 88! ANG BUMANGGA... GIBA!!!

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banongski25 said...

I thought it would be fun to have one a family day....where kids can play too. With PHCR '88 gearing for its 25th year in 2013, i know this kind of event will benefit everyone. Thanks for sharing.