Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October is National Breast Cancer Month

I came across an advertisement about Avon's Walk for Breast Cancer yesterday. When I checked the post and looked for more information, I got sad! The event is already finished. It was held last October 3 at the SM Mall of Asia Open Grounds. How did I miss it?

Aside from being eco-friendly, I am also a breast cancer supporter in my own little way and I have been waiting for this event to show my support to this advocacy. I have seen relatives and family members of my friends passed away because of breast cancer. However, when I personally saw how my friend Mavic Pebte battled and left us because of this dreaded disease, I promised myself that I will contribute to the awareness of this illness. To make it up for missing this event, at the same time, contribute to the information campaign for breast cancer awareness, I am posting one of the episodes of I-Witness, "Madibdibang Usapan", where Mavic was featured.

Mavic was one of my colleagues in the first call center I worked for. She is one of my batchmates in our training for the sales account where I transferred after being a Technical Support representative for two years. In her introduction to the class, she was proud to say that she was a breast cancer survivor. I instantly admired her courage! We became close during the training and after learning that we live in the same city, it brought us closer and developed the friendship later on. After six months, we learned that her breast cancer reoccurred and has metastasized to her bones. We were really saddened and affected by the findings. But she was indeed a woman of courage! She continued to work while undergoing chemotherapy and taking care of her children and sick mother.

Last year, I heard from a common friend that she was back to the hospital and just waiting for her "time". We paid her a visit. She was not the same cheerful Mavic we used to know. When I saw her, I told my friends we are lucky if she will stay with us until the following month. Two weeks after our visit to her, we received the news from her kids that she passed away.

Though it has been more than a year ago, the mere mention of breast cancer brings her back to my mind and my heart. I miss her and her antics. But knowing that she is now at peace with our Creator, no more pain and suffering, I am happy for her.

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