Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pinay Mompreneurs: My Other Blog

I have another blog which I called Pinay Mompreneurs. The niche was inspired by one of my oDesk clients, Jen Dalitz of Sphinxx. The goal of the blog is to feature Filipina enterpreneurs and "mompreneurs" and promote their products and services. Unfortunately, I did not receive any feedback on the invitations for interviews I sent out. Sad... So, I decided to leave the blog and let it die naturally.

While doing a research for my client, I found out that my Pinay Mompreneurs is on page 4 of a specific keyword. "Not bad," I said to myself... considering that I have not updated the blog for the past couple of months. Then, using another keyword, the blog came out on the list of related blogs on the first page! This inspired me to revive my other blog. However, the feeling of being turned down again ran through and gave me second thoughts whether I should push through with the plan or not.

I guess I have to look for other batch of referrals and sources and compile their profiles before posting them so that posts will be continuous... Suggestions and referrals, anyone? They are very much welcome!

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moonchild117 said...

Sayang naman, sis. Would've wanted to be featured, but I'm not an entrepreneur yet (have plans, though. hehe!). Just try and try, maybe you can start with moms who are successful bloggers. Just an idea.

Dropped by via GT. Hope you can add me to your blog list. Will be putting your link on my Wordpress blog.