Friday, May 14, 2010

Back to the Corporate World

I am earning enough from my online jobs but it was my husband's wish that we go back to the corporate world because we need financial documents for the house that we are planning to loan. Although I know we can pay our mandatory contributions voluntarily, such as SSS, Pag-IBIG and PhilHealth, but paying the tax has been an issue. I have been posting questions on different forums how can I pay my tax being a freelance writer or work-at-home but nobody was able to give me a clear answer. Ask the BIR? I tried, but to no avail. The answer that I received from them is as vague as the ones I got from the forums. They are clueless about work-at-home jobs, much less online jobs! For them working at home means you have your own business. How stupid can they be!

I started looking for jobs since February. I got hired in a call center. It was a one-day application. I signed the contract and reported to work. However, I got shocked with their culture! It was so different from the previous call centers I worked with. Moreover, the salary I received is very low compared to the amount I am able to earn from my online jobs. My two-week salary is only equivalent to a week of my earnings from oDesk! I felt regret over my decision of returning to the corporate world. But I don't want to dwell on it so I continued working. After a month, I cannot stand it anymore! When I told my batchmates about my situation, I realized I was not alone. There were a lot of expectations the company did not and cannot fulfill. Sad.

Along with 2 other colleagues, we applied on other call center. Unlike other call centers with one-day application, this company filters their applicants very well. We endured one whole day of examination and interview. The day ended with a word from the recruitment officer to wait for their call for the final interview. But I never thought it will take almost a month! I remember we applied before the Holy Week and I received the call for the final interview two weeks ago.

I was not my usual self during the final interview. I was so nervous and jittery. I was recommended for a higher position that I was applying for! I got more nervous when I learned it will be a panel interview via video conference. I was afraid there will be questions that I cannot answer. It did happen! I was asked about peer-to-peer network configuration. Something I have never done in my life! Although I am a user of the software we will be supporting, I am not so sure if I can give sufficient technical support to the customers. Well, there will be training but training is not enough where you will learn all things. Despite the unanswered question, I still passed the interview. Whew! That was tough!

Last Thursday, I received a call from the office asking me to report to the office that same afternoon for another exam and job offer, if I pass the exam. Without any helper who will look after the kids, I asked if I can report the next day and explained the reason why. They agreed. When my husband arrived, I told him about the text message and he agreed that the kids will spend the night until the following day in my mom's home. So off we went and drove the kids to Tanza, Cavite.

The following morning, we left early. We visited 2 of their project sites in Las Pinas and Alabang before he drove me off to the office then he proceeded to their project within the vicinity. When I got to the office, I was greeted with a good news that the exam will not push through anymore, effective for our batch. Wow! I was so relieved! Another good thing that happened was seeing a former colleague who will also take the exam and sign the contract. We will be batchmates on the training! I told her about the exam and we waited for the recruitment officer and our contracts. While waiting, of course, we talked and updated ourselves. We will be starting with the training next week.

Now that I have signed the contract, the problem with job hunting is solved. But there is another question that needs to be answered... who will look after the kids? We need a helper ASAP.


kat said...

I thought you only have to declare how much you earn and they will compute the tax you need to pay. In my province, BIR has this one stop taxpayer center. When I processed my estate tax requirements, the BIR boss asked me to file income tax on behalf of my father with his copra earnings. I told them we are not earning from the coconuts. They told me to just declare any income- an estimate. I thought it is just as easy as that.

J said...

Re: the first company that you applied for, the recruiters have the same dilemma - they said it is difficult to please the experienced applicants.

I was inclined to recommend a friend's comment on my blog (she's a recruiter @Datacom), but towards the end, found out that you've been hired... Congratulations!

Cherleen said...

I think it is not the experience that I already have on my hat, but it is a question of can your salary pay the bills and buy food for the table? For the first company, it was a big NO so I have to make a decision.

Thank you for the recommendation. Yes, it's Datacom. :)

Cielo of Brown Pinay said...

Good Luck sis, working momma here too.

regarding taxes on work at home jobs, sana wag madiscover ng mga legislators ang aspect na yan. Actually most famous pinoy bloggers has already posted resentment into it. Kasi sayang din yung cut, specially for those doing it in the sideline only.

Cherleen said...

Cielo, how can they push us to pay our taxes for our work-at-home jobs when we know every well where our taxes go? Definitely not on the rehabilitation of the roads! Besides, I don't think they have the slightest idea how we earn online.

Mary Ann said...

Just wanna comment on freelancing being a business. I'm an online marketeer, I also root from odesk, was a Va and SEO for awhile.

But BIR is right, we are not employees, like in the states VA service is a business, we are self employed.

At first I was concern about my taxes, it's hard to get loans without ITR, however as I earn more I've changed my mind. Never mind taking out loans, I'll rather pay in cash! LOL.