Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Day I Fired Our Nanny

As I mentioned in my previous post, I fired out our nanny last Friday. I already reached the point I got so pissed off I will not be able to stand seeing her for another minute longer.

Everything started last Wednesday. When I took a bath that morning, my younger kids also took their morning bath. They have probably missed our bath time together so we took shower altogether. Afterwards, my husband dressed them up. However, when my husband and I arrived later that day, they were still wearing the same clothes! We already explained the rule to her - shower after lunch before their afternoon nap then give them another shower after they played in the afternoon. To answer the questions in our minds, we asked their nanny why she did not give the kids a bath in the afternoon. We asked my niece who is spending vacation with us if the kids took their bath. She said they did not. So, my husband confronted the nanny but shed denied it, giving a lame excuse that my niece was too busy playing in the computer so she did not notice. She also said that she changed Joma's clothes but she did not give him a bath because he does not want to. Duh!

After about an hour, one of our neighbors came in and asked for help because her helper got locked up in the other unit while chasing her cats. After almost an hour of attempting to open the door, we succeeded in opening the door and had a chat with her. She mentioned that my daughter and her playmate are her alarm clocks. They knock on her apartment every morning and wakes her up. We both wondered how can the nanny not notice it when it was also made clear to her that the kids are not allowed to go upstairs nor climb the stairs. By the way, we live in a three-storey apartment building and she lives on the third floor.

The next day, Thursday, I texted my niece during my lunch break to check on the kids. She reported that the nanny's son and his friend borrowed Joma's and E-mann's scooters. My kids are generous enough to let them play with the scooters. After a couple of minutes, my niece noticed the kids went outside to the street. She followed them and saw that they were heading home so she called their attention and asked to return the scooters. I asked what the nanny was doing why she did not notice that her son brought the scooters out in the street, my niece said that she was busy chatting with one of our neighbors!

When we arrived from work, Joma reported that Eiya, my daughter, had a fight with our neighbor's granddaughter. He also showed us her scratches and bruises. It turned out they pinched each other and despite his attempts to stop them, they both would not listen. My husband asked the nanny why she let the two girls fight. She said she tried to stop them but Eiya is just as "maldita" she does not want to heed to her. Another duh!

Friday morning. We promised Joma that we will drive him to school for their party because we cannot attend the part, unlike other parents. Though we were already running late for office, we still fulfilled our promise. Because we were in a hurry, I did not notice that the pants I was wearing was burned. I immediately sent my husband a text message and informed him to fire the helper because I won't bear seeing her in our house for another day.

As soon as we arrive home that afternoon, my husband talked to her and as expected, gave her a litany of her misconduct for the past three days. She even said that in that case, she will only report until Saturday. But my husband was fast enough to respond that it was already her last day and gave her pay. It is a good thing that my niece will be spending another week with us because the new helper will be arriving next week.

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chubskulit said...

You have cute kids.. First time here in your blog.. Following you now, hope u can visit sometimes.

Cherleen said...

Thanks for dropping by. Hope you'll visit more often. :)

bechay said...

I remember a friend telling me na belong na daw sa "endangered species" ang mga responsableng yaya or kasambahay ngayon. Pero your decision to fire your nanny out is a smart thing to do.

Cherleen said...

I agree. They are already endangered species... The thought of leaving the kids to someone we cannot trust is frightening so it is better to kick her out of the house and look for a replacement.