Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wanted: Nanny

Because I will be starting with regular office work soon, we have to hire someone we can trust who will look after the kids. This has been a problem for over a year now. One of the reasons why I resigned from my previous work is because we had a helper we cannot trust. She does not even respect us! Not even as her employers. Admit it, it is really difficult to look for a helper these days. It is either they demand high salary with less stuff to do around the house or they don't do anything at all, just an additional mouth in your house to feed.

Earlier yesterday, one of the next-door neighbors came in and recommended the daughter-in-law of her sister to be our kids' nanny. I explained that the basic duties are very simple: attend to the kids' needs whenever we are not around and clean the house when the kids are taking their nap or while they are in school. Attending to the children's needs basically means giving them a bath, dressing them up, setting the table during breakfast and lunch because they already know how to feed themselves, and looking after them when they play outside, making sure they don't quarrel with their playmates or their playmates don't bully them. She agreed. She even asked me who will do the laundry and iron the clothes. I said I wash the clothes and we will hire the neighbor's "plantsadora" to do extra job for us once a week. She volunteered to do the chores with extra pay, of course!

Problem solved? Temporarily. I trust my instincts. This lady will not stay long. I feel that she will not be a good nanny for the kids. I told my husband about how I feel but he said we have to hire her or else, the kids will be left alone by themselves. We cannot do that. They are too young. Anyway, my 16-year old niece will be staying here for the next 2 weeks. And I know Joma is very vocal on his comments and observations. Let's wait and see.

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