Monday, May 17, 2010

First Day at Work

It is my first day at work. The first day of training as well. I am not feeling good but I have to report to work. Normally in call centers, nobody is allowed to be absent during training. I would also like to show the people that I am professional. I feel feverish. I have no voice. Sore throat? Probably. But I would blame cough and colds for my sickness. I would like to show the people I am working with what "The spirit is willing though the body is weak" literally means. LOL.

First day blues? It is not my first job, but I know I will be working with the "cream of the crop" in this industry. Being hired as a senior technician position is a big responsibility.

The usual introduction and orientation on company rules and regulations happened in the morning. After lunch, we had a run down of customer service and call center training. Tomorrow, we will start with the training and discussion of Windows Vista. I am looking forward to this training. I am confident I will learn a lot of things that I can apply in real life.

It surprised me when the trainer said he was glad there are ladies in our batch. He explained that there is only a girl in Tier-2 and she is a lesbian! OMG! That's the reality in the technical world... More men, less women.

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