Sunday, May 2, 2010

Two Political Rallies in a Day

With only a week left before the 2010 Presidential Election, politicians are now maximizing their campaign sorties to convince people to vote for them. Black propagandas are thrown at each other's faces. Sad, but that is how Philippine politics is.

Similarly, it was a busy day in our neighborhood last Friday. The 2010 Presidential Election is happening in a few days. News that an actress/senator's wife who is running for a seat in the Congress and his brother-in-law who is running for the town's mayoralty position will be coming over.

True enough, they arrived just before lunch but had to stop for a while to have lunch. They returned during the mid-afternoon and continued with their campaign.

My kids were excited to see them, especially my daughter when she got hold of a bull cap bearing the mayoralty candidate's name.

Later at around 8PM, we went out after dinner to buy milk and some snacks for the kids. Although there were still some supplies, I saw it as an opportunity to go out of the house because my husband already arrived home and he still has work the following day. I thought I may not find the time to buy the groceries on the weekend because I knew I will be working to finish some tasks.

While on the way to the nearest drugstore where we usually buy the kids'milk, we saw people waiting on the road. We wondered why. Until we saw a banner saying "Aquino-Roxas". Noynoy and Mar will be arriving!!! I asked my husband if we can go back to get the camera and pick up our eldest son. LOL. But he refused, saying that we will miss the motorcade should we drive back home. I was disappointed. Not for myself, but for my son because he is really dying to see Noynoy. There was even a demand from him that he SHOULD meet Noynoy because they have the same last name. It's a different story but I promise I will post it soon.

At any rate, we were able to get hold of some Noynoy-Mar bracelets which we gave to our son when we arrived home and gave a big smile afterwards. Of course, we also received a big hug and kiss!


J said...

I'm not a registered voter, so I don't care about the political rallies, really. What I care about is the traffic being caused by these rallies, my muscles really hurt!