Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Very Busy Week

I can't believe it! It has been a week since I last published a post here. The week was very busy I did not notice the days pass by. Time flies so fast!

Tuesday morning surprised us when we received a text message from one of the elders of the CFC_FFL leader we belong. It says in the message that our elder, who is also one of our godfathers in our church wedding, was brought to the hospital because he had a heart attack the night before. Later during the day, we received an update that he was confined at the ICU of Asian Hospital. We visited him at the hospital after office.

I was already stressed as soon as I woke up Wednesday morning. I also have to finish my son's assignment before he leaves for school. I flipped through pages of my magazine collection to look for pictures of different types of stores and the goods they sell. I was able to find a bakeshop, a meat shop, a chicken station, and a hotdog stall. But he forgot to bring it to school! Darn!

It was also my husband's birthday last Wednesday but I was unable to prepare something special for him. I was planning of treating him out to a dinner but I received a text message from my niece, who is spending a two-week vacation with us, that my daughter was caught in a fight with the neighbor's granddaughter. Both of the girls had scratches and bruises so we just bought a tray of pancit from our favorite Manoy and Cucuz and hurried home.

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When I arrived home on Thursday, I did my take-home exam. I have to read a 250-page training manual and answer the 40-question test.

I woke up early on Friday morning to fry the hotdogs Joma will be bringing to school. It was the last day of their summer class and they had a small party. I pledged for hotdog-on-stick I am sure the kids will love. We drove him to school before we headed to office.

When I arrived in the office, I noticed that the pair of slacks I was wearing was burned! It was so obvious it was the iron. I got so upset and embarrassed.I immediately texted my husband to inform him that was the last straw. I also told him to talk to the helper and fire her as soon as we arrive home later on the day. I did not notice it immediately because the burned part was in the inner part of the pant between the legs.

We were supposed to attend a dinner party hosted by my husband's high school classmate who came home from the US. But we decided not to go anymore because he has to talk to the children's nanny. I don't want to meddle. I might say more hurtful words to her because I am really pissed off with her.

Saturday is market day. I also have to finish my kgb and oDesk jobs for the week. We also paid another visit to our community elder who was still confined in the hospital. He is already out of ICU but had to undergo angioplasty.

And of course, Sunday is church day. As per the kids' request, we attended the mass in the "malayong church" (Translated: far church). They are actually referring to Mary, Mother of Church Parish in BF Resort Village, Las Pinas City.