Sunday, May 9, 2010

Will You Vote for Villar?

Yesterday was the last day of campaign for the Presidential election tomorrow. At the same time, it was also my market day.

It was the first time I will be going to the market without my husband. We used to do this as a family activity. He will drive me to the market and tag the kids with us. I buy stuff while they wait for me at the parking area. That was my dilemma yesterday. My husband reported for work and I cannot bring all my three kids with me. If I leave them at the house, who will look after them? My eldest son volunteered to be left behind saying he is now a big boy. I trust him and I am confident that he can take care of himself. My other son also told me he will stay in the house but my daughter insisted she will go with me. The next-door neighbor agreed to look after the two boys assuring me that they will not go outside. Problem solved.

We go to Bacoor Public Market every weekend to buy fish and vegetables we will have on the table for the entire week. Even when we still live in Las Pinas, I go here for our food supplies. My daughter and I were almost done with the marketing stuff when she heard whispered, "Mommy, si Manny Villar!" (Translated: "Mommy, it's Manny Villar!") I looked where she was pointing at and saw Manny Villar coming and shaking hands with the people. I told myself this is my chance. When he reached the place where we were standing, he shook my hand and I asked him if he can help resolve the water issue in BF Resort Village. He was caught in surprise, maybe because he did not expect anybody from BFRV in Bacoor. But I was more surprised with his response, "Hindi naman akin yun!" (Translated:"The village is not mine.") I know the village is not his! But he lives there! His family, his mom and his siblings all live there! He cannot resolve he issue because the village is not one of his subdivisions? So darn stupid reason! Even if the issue affects him and his family? Now, how can he resolve the country's problems and concerns? He lives here, his family lives here but this is not his property. Philippines is not one of his subdivisions. How can we expect him to resolve the problems of this country then if he gets elected as the next President of this country?

Sorry, Manny. you just lost one vote... and more. I'm sure. I do not wonder anymore why even your neighbors do not want to vote for you.


Tsina said...

Maybe he thought you are asking him as a businessman and not as a public servant. Just a thought. :)

Pinay Mompreneur said...

Maybe he was. But come to think of it, he was on a campaign trail. He should be expecting people will come to him for help on resolution regarding national and local issues, not anything about his biz. If business is always in his mind, that adds more questions and clouds of doubt to the kind of leadership he will have.