Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Mama... Mommy... Nanay... Inang... Mamita... whatever way you call your mother, don't forget to give your mom a big hug and a kiss today! Motherhood is a 24/7 profession that does not receive any monetary compensation. The hugs and kisses from the children they reared and hearing them say "I love you Mom!" are the best gift mothers would like to receive. Gifts and treats are just added bonus.

Being a mother to 3 small kids, I know the feeling when they come to me just to hug me or kiss me. Each of my kid has their way of showing their love and gratitude to us their parents. My eldest, a 6-year old boy, often says "I love you, Mommy!". He is so vocal with his feelings. My second child, a 4-year old boy, comes to me when he sees me working on the computer and will give me a big hug and say "Mommy, super duper ganda mo." (Translated: Mommy, you're super duper pretty.") And he does it everyday! I will admit I am not really pretty, but I am not too ugly to say I don't look good enough. My youngest, a 3-year old girl, brings me flowers everyday. Definitely not a bouquet! She picks a flower or two from the plants in the garden and she gives it to me. If you will analyze their habits, everyday is a Mother's Day to me. Am I indeed lucky? Yes I am! And I am very proud of my kids. God gave me more than enough reasons why I should thank Him everyday.

Because my kids are too young and do not have their own money yet to buy gifts, I do not expect any wrapped item from them but I did receive a note from Kuya Joma, a hug from E-mann, and a flower from Eiya. They are the best gifts I received since I became a mother!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers, moms-to-be and moms-at-heart!

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